Amber Hagerman Case Updates

The Tarrant County Observer is a sister site of The Ellis County Observer, a news Web site/newspaper that has documented and investigated the various connections to the 1996 murder of Amber Hagerman (“Amber Alerts”), specifically that of suspect Bill N. Fry. In the midst of a child pornography and child abuse trafficking network that originated in Ennis, Texas on Feb. 8, 2011, clues to Hagerman’s murder came to light, and led us to Chino Valley, Prescott and Prescott Valley, Arizona.See more information below:

UPDATED: Tuesday, Nov. 3 (@ 6:30 p.m. CST)

BIG UPDATE: Bill N. Fry is wanted for questioning in the murder of another girl: One of Fry’s ex-girlfriends spoke on the record in a live broadcast of The ECO Show:

I update The Ellis County Observer main site frequently with updates as well, so check often on this page and

My Aug. 27 Visit to the Amber Hagerman Memorial:

I (The Ellis County Observer) believe strongly that I have found the man who abducted and murdered 9-year-old Amber Hagerman in Arlington, Texas in January 1996. His name is Bill N. Fry, formerly of 210 Ranch Two Rd. in Ferris, Texas and now a resident of Prescott Valley, Arizona. We now have confirmation that Bill N. Fry owned an apartment in Arlington, Texas in 1996. Click this link to see where it was, and a map and analysis of why he was there. My entire investigation into Bill N. Fry in a 10-years-and-counting media career all began on Feb. 8, 2011 — when I turned 30-years-old. It stemmed from a massive cache of child pornography found at the Courtyard Apartments on North Clay Street (Apt C-22) in Ennis, Texas.Fry’s stepson, Buddy Anderson and his wife, Sharon, both lived at that apartment. They bolted town after an argument over TVs with Buddy’s step-brother, Robert.

Aug. 8, 2011: Authorities in Arizona raid Bill N. Fry’s home. Link:

Aug. 15, 2011: Separately, Arlington, Texas Police announced that they have “dismissed” the tips and leads from The Ellis County Observer. I am not going to “dismiss” anything until I know for sure one way or the other that Bill N. Fry did it. Link:

My YouTube Message to Bill N. Fry:

The Courtyard Apartments in Ennis
(Apartment C-22 is where Buddy & Sharon Anderson lived)
(both are now in federal prison for the large cache of child pornography they left behind)

Click Here to Read the Federal Government’s Affidavits on Buddy & Sharon Anderson:

Much — if not all — of that child pornography that was found in The Courtyard Apartments on Feb. 8, 2011 was conducted, photographed and videotaped at Bill N. Fry’s 210 Ranch Two Rd. home, according to federal authorities and relatives of both the Andersons and Fry. The Ellis County Observer‘s most trusted, loyal reader in Ennis lived in those apartments. He was asked by the apartment manager to go with six others to clean out Unit C-22. Of the seven who went to clean it out, six didn’t want to report the child porn that was found. My source was the one who contacted Ennis cops.

Wester Road, west of Interstate Highway 45. Ranch Two Road is just beyond the bend…

Ranch Two is located off of Ranch One about a few blocks…

The Amber Hagerman links are a big part of what is a much larger problem: a global child porn/child-sex operation. Also, The Ellis County Observer (Joey G. Dauben) has been blamed by the Fry family for the recent death of Bill N. Fry’s mother. The passing was reported in The Daily Courier in Prescott, Arizona. I have been in contact with authorities, media representatives (both in Dallas and Arizona) and scores of others on this case. I ask the readers to decide for themselves, judge the allegations contained, and pray without ceasing for the murderer to be brought to justice.

What Bill N. Fry Says About The Ellis County Observer: “It’s all lies.” (which part, Bill?)

Irony…or God’s divine irony?

15 Years Ago: a 9-year-old girl named Amber Hagerman was abducted; witnesses saw a man driving a black truck (relatives believe Bill N. Fry had a black Chevrolet Cheyenne truck)

15 Years Later: Bill N. Fry has a 9-year-old girl removed from his custody, and a 14-year-old girl named Cheyenne, removed from his custody

The Reaction: My sources are constantly being attacked for less-than-shiny backgrounds and where they grew up. I’ve had sources tell me that Arlington police and those close to the Hagerman family have been told to dis-affiliate with me, not communicate with me and in essence, ignore me. I believe fully in what I am doing, and will not let attacks and discrediting of witnesses and sources “get me down.” It is my hope and earnest prayer that this murderer be brought to justice…

On July 13, The Dallas Observer hit the stands with a feature article that mentions my case:

ARIZONA CPS removed two girls from Bill N. Fry’s custody a day after The Ellis County Observer posted and published dozens of photos from Facebook. The articles and coverage from why a 9-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl were taken from Fry’s custody can be found here:

FACEBOOK CHILD PORNOGRAPHY RING Despite the CPS’ involvement with Fry and the above individuals, there is still a public-view trail of evidence linking these sickos to the little kids. CLick here for more:

Media Inquiries:
Joey G. Dauben (pronounced “Dobbin”)
Photos + Bio
Publisher | The Ellis County Observer
Office: 214-872-0747

More Information About the “Pedo-Bear”

Bill N. Fry’s Connection to Pedo-Bear and Child-Sex Trafficking

Cover-Up: Other Ellis County Sex Crimes

The Ellis County Observer & Amber Hagerman Murder Clues
(This is where it all started to unravel)

An Ennis Link to Amber Hagerman Murder?

Bill Fry Harbored Ennis Child Porn Suspects

The Ellis County Observer Leads on Amber Hagerman Murder Grab Arlington PD’s

Photos | Bill Fry’s 9-year-old Daughter:

Facebook | Bill Fry’s Profile

Bill Fry Depicted in Pics Found in Ennis Apartment Complex?

Archived YouTube Videos Show Ranch Two Road House Where Crimes Occurred (where Amber Hagerman’s bloodied underwear was burned)

Bill N. Fry Linked w/Pedophilia Bear (“Pedo-Bear”) via Facebook

The ECO Editor Brandy L. Owen Translates the Tagalog Language From Bill N. Fry’s Friends

More Bill N. Fry Evidence of Child Porn Turned Over to Police

Bill N. Fry’s Arizona Court Record Rap Sheet

Ennis Child Porn Linked to Bill N. Fry & Global Pedophilia, Child Sex Trafficking Ring

Ennis Police, Feds Want to Know Who the Photographer Was in Courtyard Apt Child Porn (Hint: Bill N. Fry)

Analysis of an Idiotic Comment Posted on Story

Child Porn Rings on Facebook | How They Do It

Niece Pressed Charges on Bill N. Fry in 1988. Why Wasn’t it Pursued?

Ennis Child Porn Buddy & Sharon Anderson Case
(The ECO coverage started Feb. 16 after I agreed not to publish until the cops made their move)

NEW: Buddy Anderson Tells Feds Child Pornography Done at Bill N. Fry’s House

Courtyard Apartments in Ennis | Before Cops Showed Up, Evidence Dumped into Dumpster

Sharon Anderson’s Facebook Profile

Mug Shots | Buddy & Sharon Anderson Booked in to Ellis County Jail

Caught in Las Vegas:

Hiding Out in Prescott, Arizona:

Buddy Anderson’s Mom Arrested:

The Ellis County Observer First Reports on Buddy & Sharon Anderson:

What The Media Has Said Thus Far:

March 9, 2011: Oh, and, about that APD distancing themselves from the story. Yeah, they came back and recanted that after WFAA-TV put Ennis PD on camera with this story:

March 9, 2011: Arlington PD now admits they are looking into The Ellis County Observer‘s leads in the case:

March 9, 2011
: The Dallas Morning News did a fine slicing of me and The Ellis County Observer after APD sent out their press release denying WFAA-Channel 8:

Pegasus News: At first, they, too, ran with the APD press release as Gospel, but in the comments section, the Dallas Observer‘s Teresa Gubbins backs me up on this whole story:

DFW’s NBC 5: Virtually all of the Arlington-Tarrant media systematically glow over APD, at least in this report:

The Ellis County Observer‘s source for a large amount (not most, or all, but a large amount) of my story/investigation wrote this to me:

It has bugged me for 15 years but it just never felt like the time was right. A pattern that has lead me to right where I’m at it has lead me to meet you it just all fits. Well that is how I look at it like if Buddy Anderson would have never got in trouble with me for the TVs he would have never been on the run and left that stuff exposed. For ur friend [Crow T. Robot] to get to it

everything as we know has been put into play, to play out as it is, that is why I don’t sit around saying why did this bad stuff happen to me [when I was growing up with the Frys/Andersons] I know it was for a reason to lead us where we are. Amber is with us.
She is trying to save those little girls from Bill [this link shows the girls in Bill N. Fry’s custody currently]
All them nights I went to bed thinking of Amber, now I see why.
She was with me.
I think you are feeling her stronghold too.

My message to Bill N. Fry: [First posted on March 25, 2011]

Bill N. Fry, The Ellis County Observer asks you to do the right thing today: turn yourself in. Please surrender to authorities today, in Arizona, and get this over with. Confess your crimes, turn yourself in and please, let’s end this cycle today. End it now. The children, parents and relatives of your victims and of your relatives’ victims and your friends’ victims deserve justice once and for all. I know the family history — the molestations, the “sharing” and the intra-family relationships. It’s sick. But it’s got to end, Bill. It has to end once and for all. Please…for justice’s sake. Please…turn yourself in today. Bill N. Fry, you cannot run any more. You must do the right thing.


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